Biblical Unity: A Conversation with Monique Duson on Critical Race Theory, Justice, and the Church

Kevin Gerald, Monique Duson

December 8, 2020

Today we're going to engage in a conversation on Biblical Unity, Critical Race Theory, and the local church. In this conversation, Kevin Gerald interviews Monique Duson from the Center for Biblical Unity, as she brings a powerful and historical Christian view on issues of race and unity. We felt this talk was crucial to have in a season that has seen our world and the local church so polarized by issues of race. Our prayer is to have a conversation that helps us lead with unity at the forefront. The Center for Biblical Unity is an organization which aims to lead respectful and Bible-centered conversations on race and unity. For more information on their organization and resources available, you can find them at As always, it is our goal to help start a discussion with you and your team. Please join us again next month as we continue this conversation!

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